Personalization and Home Entertainment: Trends in Digital Assistants

by Brian O'Neil 08/02/2021

Digital assistants have become very intuitive, so much that they’re being integrated into a variety of people’s daily lives. From directions in the car to timers in the kitchen to dictation in the living room, technology, such as voice assistants, has become more reliable by the day, which leads to interesting trends in home entertainment. Let’s look at how it’s being used and why you might consider the benefits for yourself. 

Collaborations and Connections 

Podcasts, video streaming and satellite radio are just the beginning of people’s home entertainment these days, and the manufacturers of digital assistants have caught on. To streamline user experience, there are more collaborations than ever before. 

This is a dream come true for consumers who don’t want to switch their favorite services simply because a digital assistant doesn’t support them. For instance, an audio system set up in multiple rooms could be easily set up in connection with these tools, allowing people to control what is playing in which part of the house and how loud it will be. Assistants can also be paired with different displays to quickly flip on anything from streaming services to the big game. 

Put More on One System

If you want to make your digital assistant more personal, you may have to share more information with it. From your financial information to your lighting system, digital assistants allow you to put everything together.

Let’s say that your big home entertainment for the night is your favorite beverage and an audio book. You can program your assistant to dim the lights, find your place in the story and leave you to relax. If you’re having people over for a surprise party, on the other hand, you might program the lights to go wild when everyone steps out from their hiding place. 

Invite People to Share 

When everyone can be on the same network, it makes it possible for everyone to share their favorite things. Digital assistants can help you connect party guests, so they all have the chance to play a song or music video of their own. You can also have them ask questions or shout out commands to the assistant while you’re in the middle of your favorite party games. Personalization doesn’t have to end with the owner of the technology. It can easily extend to anyone in proximity and make being at home that much more entertaining. 

Changing It Up

Home entertainment can be customized for your lifestyle. You can change the commands so there’s less confusion or adapt the digital assistant’s phrasing. For instance, not everyone wants a long response if they call out for their assistant, so you can program it to respond with a quick “hmm?” The artificial intelligence keeps personalizing the interactions, so you get the most from the device. 

Trends in digital assistants are only likely to get more advanced. As new variations of the software are released, keep up with changing capabilities and consider how you can integrate them into your home entertainment. 



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